The Fat Loss Manual - Comprehensive Video Walkthrough with NINE FREE BONUSES!

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The Fat Loss Manual - Comprehensive Video Walkthrough with NINE FREE BONUSES!

Rob W. James
3 ratings

Have you tried 500 times to lose fat and never succeeded? 

Let's change that.

Or maybe you've had SOME success, but could never quite get anywhere near "ripped". We can change that too.

• You don't need to do cardio.

• There's no specific "magical" lifting routine I'll make you do.

• You don't need to fast or be completely restrictive with your diet.

You can lose fat, reliably and sustainably, week after week, until it is all gone.

Interested? Read on!

This course will break down what you think you know, and teach you the fundamental principles you MUST apply if you want to finally achieve your goal.

I'll help you steer clear of all the usual mistakes

A common problem when people try to lose fat is that they shoot themselves in the foot by going too fast, compromising their immune systems and making themselves more likely to get sick.

• They cut calories too low. Leptin levels crash and immune function is compromised.

• They try to "train away the fat" - which is a poor approach anyway, unlikely to work. Overdoing it like this leads to under-recovery and a weakened immune system.

• Stress levels are chronically high - recovery is extremely compromised and infection likely.

• Dietary fat is too low or obtained from the wrong sources. This further compromises immune function.

This course will teach you how to lose fat properly without ruining your immune function and Testosterone Levels

• Discover what YOUR calorie intake should be for reliable fat loss and sustainable fat loss without "crashing" and weakening your immune system.

• Discover what your own optimal fat intake is. Fat in your diet is CRUCIAL to healthy immune function.

• Discover what the optimal training volume and frequency is to maintain strength and muscle as you lose fat, WITHOUT over doing it and compromising your recovery.

• Discover what you should be doing to optimise recovery and keep yourself healthy.

• This is all in addition to the full manual on fat loss - you'll learn everything worth knowing about fat loss.

Check out Lenore's Incredible Transformation!

This course helped Lenore on her amazing journey to losing 167 pounds!

My own results:

That's 29 pounds lost and down to 8% bodyfat.

Check out all the free bonuses you'll get!

The main video content on its own makes this course exceptional value. But considering I'm also throwing in an incredible NINE FREE BONUSES with this course, the value is truly unbelievable.

I’m throwing the kitchen sink in with The Fat Loss Manual so you can’t fail to be successful!

Get "The Fat Loss Manual" and you'll be getting all of this:

• The main video course covering all of the principles behind fast and sustainable fat loss. Covers everything that works, and points out all the BS you need to steer clear of.

• A video guide showing you how ridiculously easy it is to calculate your own personal macronutrient breakdown - so your plan is tailored to you.

• A video guide on how to customise myfitnesspal for your own unique nutrition goals.

• A helpful video showing you how to track food accurately and pointing out very common mistakes that send people way off course.

• Sample workout plans to complement your fat loss so your gym routine helps you lose fat and preserve muscle. Includes a low volume, high intensity plan that will allow you to maintain muscle and strength whilst keeping the impact on your recovery (and therefore your immune system) to a minimum.

• The "Fat Loss Success Idiot Proof Cheat Sheet". This is a bullet pointed list, spanning several pages, of things to do and not to do. These are my best tips that I always give out to clients. Internalize these rules and follow them 90% of the time and you can't fail.

• A macronutrient cheat sheet, so you can see at a glance some common sources of each macronutrient (and macronutrient combinations) so you’re never stuck for something to eat.

• A printable, motivational lifestyle diary, so you can identify and track the obstacles and reasons linked to your success or failure.

• My own spreadsheet template I use to track body measurements, including weekly average scale weight change calculator, so you can compare more reliable averages and trends in your weight.

• You can never fully rely on the scale to tell the whole story, so I'm including a guide showing you how to take body measurements to accurately chart your progress.

These are the exact protocols I follow to lose fat at will, whenever I want.

Follow this guide and achieve fat loss, with:

• No crazy hunger.

• No insane cravings.

• No feeling like death and leaving yourself wide open to infection.

• No gimmicky diets or banned foods.

• No "insanity" workouts and ridiculous, high volume programs that you can't recover from and will run you down.

• No "banned foods".

• No "being good" or "being naughty".

• Just simple fat loss protocols that work every time.

I lost 30 pounds of fat in 15 weeks following the guidelines I lay out in this video class.

I'd been lifting for years and built a fair bit of muscle.

But I had lots of fat covering it! I was very soft round the edges. I didn't have the "ripped" look AT ALL.

A few months later, I was shredded and looking the best I've ever looked.

Are you ready to look your best?

Whether you're looking to reveal what you've built by losing the fat covering your muscle, or lose 150 pounds, this course is for you!

These methods work for me to go from 20% bodyfat to 8% bodyfat, but they will work for anyone else, no matter where they are in their physique journey. The rules of fat loss don't change!

Get The Fat Loss Manual now, along with all nine free bonuses, and you’ll be armed to the teeth in the fight against fat, ready to uncover your best physique yet!

Don't miss out. Start losing fat RELIABLY and not feeling awful or weakening your immune system/compromising recovery while doing it!

One touch of a button is all that is between you and getting rid of your belly fat and love handles for good!

Click on "I want this" and order it now!

I want this!

Buy "The Fat Loss Manual" and you'll get these exclusive free bonuses!

Video Course: The Fat Loss Manual
Video: How to Calculate Your Fat Loss Macros
Video: How to Customise MyFitnessPal for your Unique Nutrition Plan
Guide: How to Accurately Track Food and Avoid Common Mistakes
Multiple lifting programs
Macronutrient Cheat Sheet
Printable, Motivational Lifestyle Diary
My Personal Weight & Measurement Tracker Spreadsheet Template
Video: How to Take Accurate Body Measurements
Fat Loss Success Idiot Proof Cheat Sheet
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