Simply Build Muscle. No Magic. No Gimmicks

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"Simply Build Muscle" is not a program.

Programs don't work. And programs also do work.

What didn't work for you last year may work for you this year.

The problem isn't the program.

The details of the program aren't really THAT important.

You can waste your money on any program, or find one on the internet. As long as there's nothing outlandish or ridiculous, and you train with free weights, body weight and/or some machines, then It doesn't really matter WHAT is in the program. It's pretty irrelevant.

Any half-decent trainer can make you a program that will work. Or it also might not work, but if it doesn't, it's not because the program sucks.

Again, the program isn't what we should be focusing on.

If you're failing to build muscle, it's because you do not understand the basic principles you MUST apply in order to get ANY success out of your training.

These are the secrets of building muscle. They're really f*cking simple. If you apply them, you will gain muscle. If you don't, you'll spend YEARS wasting your time getting nowhere in the gym.

You can follow the best program in the world. I can write you a program. You can copy one of my own program. None of it will work if you violate the principles.

This book will teach you those principles.

Once you've read this book and absorbed the lessons, you'll never need to buy another program.

You'll understand why your previous attempts all failed.

You'll understand what you need to do differently next time to have the success you crave at building muscle.

I will explain every principle in a chapter of this book, and I'm GIVING IT AWAY at this price.

I've seen countless programs that will teach you NOTHING being sold at 5, 6, 7, even 8 times this price!

You really don't have much to lose.

This book:

  • Explains each of the principles in detail, worded simply so anyone can understand it, with example scenarios that draw on my own experience, and experience of coaching online clients.

  • Will teach you how to eat to build muscle, including how to calculate your own unique nutrition requirements.

  • Explains why your genetics are NOT holding you back.

  • Will teach you how to evaluate your own program, and build one that is balanced, you can recover from, and gain muscle on - with the right balance of volume, frequency and intensity that makes sense for you.

  • Lists many of the common myths and misguided beliefs that you need to steer clear of (and covers common nutrition nonsense that will kill your gains.)

  • Explains how to find your own workload sweet spot and schedule that will keep you progressing nicely without burning out.

  • Contains 6 programs written by me, for different schedules, training frequency and training advancement, and suggests other programs to research, written by expert trainers.

  • Much more.

Buy this book, and I'll personally answer any questions you have about any of it if you send me a DM with a screenshot of your receipt.

Don't waste another penny on expensive, thrown together crap that promises you the body of some celebrity, generic warrior or superhero.

You can't get someone else's body, but there is an amazing, strong and muscular version of YOU that ONLY YOU can look like.

This will teach you how to get it.

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Simply Build Muscle. No Magic. No Gimmicks

14 ratings
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